What Is The Flu? (Video) Khan Academy

When (and what) exactly defines the flu season” calendar?During flu season, people are in the highest risk of producing the influenza computer virus. Yes. The best way to protect your baby from the flu is to ensure he gets a flu shot every year before flu season (Oct through May). Despite the fact that your baby’s much more likely to obtain the flu during flu season, they can get it any moment of calendar year. The flu shot includes a vaccine that aids in preventing your child from getting the flu. Health officials say the vaccine is the ultimate way to prevent the flu. By getting immunized, people also decrease the risk of growing the flu to others, especially those at risky of such problems as pneumonia or death. It requires about two weeks for antibodies to develop in the torso that protect against flu.here's what to do in case of a nuclear attack
Influenza – or the flu, as it’s better known – is another top respiratory illness. Unlike the cool, Colds and flu are both highly contagious and, in the initial stages, a bad cold and a light circumstance of the flu might seem to discover more here be likewise. However, unlike a frosty, the flu is a significant illness that can have life-threatening issues. Here is a comparison of cold and flu symptoms.

One reason the growing season has been so very bad: a vaccine effectiveness rate of just 36% overall and 25% for the flu pressure creating the most health problems. The vaccine has been far better in children, stopping 59% of health problems in those who received the shot. As is expected, they do stimulate your disease fighting capability into considering you possess the flu, which means that your body produces protective antibody within two to three weeks. Thoughts of sore arm or flu-like disorder inside a fortnight are often an indicator of an good immune response; these symptoms may go on one or two days.
It was inadequate, too later. Flu subjects were contagious for several days before displaying symptoms, and military had been moving in and out of Devens daily, as acquired civilian personnel and volunteers. The influenza trojan see it here soon appeared in Boston, in Philadelphia, in New York and in New Orleans. I can’t remedy you when you come to the ER with the flu. And much more frustrating, for many people, this sickness is preventable.
However, you can ask your physician about antiviral drugs. Taken within the first 48 time of symptoms, antivirals can reduce the duration and severity of the flu. Switzerland. World Health Organization. “Influenza A(H1N1).” Apr. 24, 2009. Some medications may be used to decrease the severity and period phenq of a flu harm. These are known as antiviral drugs. Antiviral medications tend to be directed at those who are incredibly tired, such as those in the hospital and others who are at higher risk of complications.